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Traditional Acupuncture seeks to recover equilibrium between our emotions, body and mind as a route of healing. Many people who come to see me for emotional and mental health reasons do so because they remained untouched on some level by counseling, relaxation techniques, and psychotherapy.

 What acupuncture does is to create an energetic shift within you which calms the mind, allows you to feel more relaxed, better able to cope and to get on with your life . This, in contrast to feeling emotionally stuck or unable to move forward. This area of my work is very close to my heart, as I feel that it is our birth right to live life as best we can. People who suffer from emotional and/or mental health problems simply cannot do this because they are too depressed to feel anything, or are too tired or anxious to embrace life.


One of my patients summed it up very well when she said 'depression is the only illness I know which takes away your will to get better'. People who have traditional acupuncture find that their will is gradually restored and they feel more motivated. Feelings of anxiety or stress can diminish and sleep returns.

 The range of emotional and mental health problems that can be helped by traditional acupuncture range from stress and anxiety and across the depression spectrum. You can have acupuncture in conjunction with other forms of support and with medication. Acupuncture can serve as a bridge for withdrawing from anti-depressants under your doctor's supervision.

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