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Is it safe?

Acupuncture is a safe treatment for all, including pregnant women. British Acupuncture Council Members have rigorous clinical standards, including the use of disposable needles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it feel like?

Most people's experience of needles is of those used in injections and blood tests. Acupuncture needles bear little resemblance to these. They are much finer and are solid rather than hollow.

 When the needle is inserted, the sensation is often described as a tingling or dull ache. Needles are inserted for a second or two, or left in place for up to twenty minutes, depending on the effect required. During treatment, patients commonly experience a heaviness in the limbs or a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

 What will happen on my first visit?

On your first visit you will receive a Traditional Diagnosis that lasts in the region of two hours. The skill of an acupuncturist lies in the ability to make a traditional diagnosis from what is often a complex pattern of disharmony. The exact pattern and degree of disharmony is unique to each individual and with traditional acupuncture will be treated as such with a personalised treatment plan.

On your first visit a full case history will be taken and a number of diagnostic techniques will be applied including tongue diagnosis and pulse taking. You will also receive your first treatment.

How often will I need to come?

We are all unique so the amount of treatment varies from person to person. I ask patients to come weekly initially and then as progress is sustained treatments are spaced out gradually until only a top up treatment is required. I would expect improvement after 6-10 treatments. However, some people see improvement before this, and for some it takes longer. Your main complaint isn't necessarily the first to respond. The benefits of acupuncture frequently include more than just relief from a particular condition. Many people find that it can also lead to increased energy levels, better appetite and sleep as well as an enhanced sense of overall well being.

 What are the fees?

Traditional Diagnosis £65 (2 hours )

Subsequent treatments* £45 (45 mins - 1 hour)

*Fees are in line with the commercial rate recommended by the College of Traditional Acupuncture, Hatton. Home visit fees will vary to allow for travel time and costs.