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Acupuncture for Pregnancy and Child Birth

From ancient times we acupuncturists have understood, that with pregnant patients, we are treating two people - the mother and her unborn child. There is even an acupuncture point called 'building guest', given to the mother in every trimester of her pregnancy to maintain her energy and to support the development of her baby. In fact pregnant women respond so well to acupuncture, that the very gentlest of treatments is all that is required.

Acupuncture can help maintain your energy and well being during your pregnancy as well as reduce the chances of the necessity of a medicalised birth which can often proceed from procedures such as turning a breech baby and a medically induced labour. Many expectant mothers find that their whole pregnancy is made much smoother with the help of acupuncture. Below are some of the many conditions that I have personally helped expectant mothers with:

I ask all pregnant patients to bring their antenatal notes with them so that I can add to them. I will need to speak to a member of your medical team before carrying out breech and labour induction protocols.