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For historical and cultural reasons traditional acupuncture has for thousands of years accommodated women's gynaecological and menstrual conditions. Indeed, current research shows that acupuncture can often treat menstrual disorders with good results. A woman's menstrual cycle can be affected by the tides, the moon, by the presence of other women.

 It is at once mysterious and an obvious sign of our reproductive health and emotional and physical well being. Some women breeze though their monthly cycles without having to pay much heed to them - they are a minor interruption in their daily lives.

 For other less fortunate women menstruation seriously affects their quality of life, interrupting emotional harmony, physical comfort and even their relationships and social and working calendar. A woman can feel very under the weather when all is not well with her menstrual cycle - she can get tired, irritable and depressed. Her libido can also be very adversely affected. When women have lived with these adverse menstrual related problems for a long while, they are unaware than it is possible to feel any different.

 I treat a wide range of complaints that relate to the menstrual cycle and also underlying gynaecological conditions which affect women's health: If you do not see your problem below, do give me a call.

Women who come to see me for the above conditions do so generally because they feel that their needs are not being addressed by Western Medicine. It is, of course, not the fault of doctors that contraception and pain killers are seen as a means to an end. But some of the women I treat feel that the pill is too readily prescribed and the underlying causes are not being investigated soon enough. As one patient told me recently, 'it is all very well being given the oral contraceptive to help rectify my cycle, but what about when I want children. I need my periods to be regulated, not medicated! There is also the consideration that more and more women are thinking about fertility treatment. It is therefore wise to try to address some of their uterine problems beforehand, to aid implantation and healthy embryo growth and development. Traditional Acupuncture which treats the root of a problem rather than suppressing a symptom offers women a choice. In cases where underlying causes have been established, acupuncture can work in conjunction with prescribed medication, or as an alternative to drug therapy.